Hello everyone! 
My name is Irina Muntean, but everybody calls me Ira Selendripity.
I'm a stock photographer and full stack designer with 15 years of experience.
I'm from Moldova - a small european country with 280 sunny days per year and wonderful wines ☀️


Every designer knows how much time it takes to create a website or a presentation, and everyone knows that we spend most of our time looking for the right pictures.
One day I started to make own photos for my web-design. Yes, it takes time, but not more than googling. And finally I got exactly what I needed: white balance, light leaks, perspective, focus, composition!
There are plenty of photos and mockups I want to share with you. That's why I created FocusMockus, with the help of my friends.
Save your time and money. I hope it will be useful and that you'll like it!
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